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We’re not a staffing agency we’re staffing service that provides Expungement 101 trainings and information sessions to staffing agencies, job developers, social workers, HR professionals, and other educational facilities on “Fair hiring” for people with past records to prevent employment and education discrimination.

What is expungement?

-The removal of a conviction from a person’s criminal record.


Do I qualify?

-Were you under the age of 25 at the time of the commission of the offense?

-Is the maximum period of imprisonment of the offense six years or less?

-At the time of the sentencing, did the judge find you eligible for expungement?

-Was your conviction a non-violent Class H to I felony?  *For a complete list of Class H to I Felonies click here

-Do you only have ONE felony conviction?

-Have you successfully completed your sentence?

-If placed on probation, have you satisfied all the conditions of your probation?

-Have you received a Discharge Certificate?

If you answer YES to ALL the above then expungement is right for you!

Record expungement of adult and juvenile case


Record correction, (identity theft), connections

Expungement of dismissed cases

(non convictions, no prosecution, not guilty)

+No age limit

+No judge involved

+100% expungeable from the Wisconsin Department of Justice Crime Information Bureau.

Any dismissed will be automatically removed from the WCCA (CCAP) after 2 years.

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