In order to be eligible to have a Criminal Court record expunged in the State of Wisconsin,

  • The occurrence had to have happened before your 26th birthday. (You can be older now, It depends on when it happened)
  • You have to be off Probation and have completed it successfully with no revocations.
  • All fines fees, and restitutions has to be paid back.
  • Almost all misdemeanors are eligible for Expungement, but again depends on your age at the time of sentencing.
  • If it was a felony conviction, it has to be a non-violent, non sexual violent class H or I after 2009. Any felony conviction prior to 2009 is in ineligible for expungement.

For explanation, please research Wisconsin current Law 973.015

To be eligible for a Governor's Pardon, you must:

  • Have been convicted of a felony in Wisconsin.
  • Have completed your sentence at least five years ago, including jail, prison, Huber, probation, community service, parole or supervision.
  • Have not been convicted of another crime since you completed your sentence
  • Can not currently be on the Wisconsin Department of Corrections Sex Offenders Registry.

If you meet this criteria and would like to move forward, schedule a free consultation.