Second Chance Staffing Services is a Re-entry Resources Hub that helps directly impacted men and women connect to career opportunities as an effort to reduce joblessness and homelessness, crime, and recidivism in the city of Milwaukee. We're the only Staffing organization in the state of Wisconsin that has an in-house criminal record expungement service to help remove the barriers to employment, housing, education, volunteering, etc...

Since 2012, we've been able to help expunge 2,200 records, connect 1189 ex-felons to jobs, and assist more than 250 people with getting their education. Our theory is this, if you help remove the barriers to success, not only will it benefit them, but it benefits their family and communities. We're looking to break the chains on generational poverty and confinement. Even if we have to do it with one family at a time.

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